When you study alot but still get bad grades

Dec 1, 2023

Have you ever wondered why despite studying much you still struggle to excel in your exams? 🤔

Well here are some answers, for you👇🏽

Passive Studying:

Simply going through your notes again and again doesn't really help with retaining information. The solution is to engage in recall. Put away your books. Test yourself on what you have learned.

Constant Distractions:

Trying to multitask dealing with notifications or having browser tabs can divide your attention. The solution is to create a study zone where distractions are minimized and allocate times for breaks.

Last Minute Cramming:

While it might make you feel productive cramming only leads to an understanding of the material. The solution is spaced repetition. Spread out your study sessions over time to reinforce memory.

Lack of Deep Understanding:

Mindlessly memorizing information may not provide long term retention. The solution is to prioritize understanding over memorization. Break down topics ask questions and engage in discussions with peers or teachers until you truly grasp the subject.

Ineffective Study Techniques:

Not all methods work for everyone. The solution is to discover your learning style. Whether its using aids, audio materials, flashcards or participating in group discussions. Find what resonates with you and stick with it.

Remember that effective studying isn't, about the amount of time spent but about the quality of time and techniques utilized.

Focusing Your Time On What Matters

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