Using These Words In Your Essay Will Get You an A

Nov 29, 2023

Its essay writing szn!

let's get right to it:

Use these instead:

Very risky —> perilous

very afraid —> fearful

very creative —> innovative

very evil —> wicked

very good —> excellent

very light —> luminous

very nice —> kind

very rich —> wealthy

very roomy —> spacious

very smart —> intelligent

many —> numerous

prove —> justify

agree —> concur

good —> advantageous

ask —> inquire

careful —> cautious

live —> reside

keep —> preserve

anyway —> nevertheless

empty —> vacant

glad —> overjoyed

long —> extensive

easy —> effortless

boring —> dull

quick —> rapid

painful —> excruciating

upset —> distraught

angry —> furious

smart —> intelligent

Boring —> tedious

Hope this helps!! Writing essays can be extremely boring and painful sometimes we have all been through it and having some extra help doesn't hurt!

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